California Road Club Group Rides and Training Opportunities

Group rides offer great opportunities to ride with others and explore new routes or improve fitness while meeting fellow club members! Group rides also make great icebreakers!

When selecting a group, make sure it suits both your pace and interests – this will guarantee that you have fun while improving your skills while staying safe on the bike.


Training rides take place every Saturday from UC Cyclery in La Jolla. New riders should attend an orientation before joining either of two developmental groups: either an A or a B Group.

The club provides more than 20 weekly rides of various distance and difficulty (and occasional weekend options), as well as social events throughout the year – such as an annual picnic and progressive dinner ride featuring pedaling to three members’ homes for meals.


The B-Group is for riders ready to challenge themselves and build strength and endurance through both time trialing and calorie burning.

There are various aspects of B-Group to take into consideration; you should determine what matters most to you. There are plenty of opportunities to discover this for yourself! Explore its social media pages and Google groups for insight.


OC Velo offers an array of group rides and training opportunities tailored to the needs of cyclists of all skill levels. Our goal is to offer support and instruction for both newcomers and experienced riders, emphasizing safety practices along the way.

C-Group group rides offer our most challenging experience and focus on performance development, pace-lining and climbing.


The D-Group provides training opportunities that range in pace, distance and focus on performance, pace-lining, climbing and endurance.

Ride lengths range from 15-25 miles and routes may change as necessary. Newcomers are always welcome; assistance and instruction on bike handling, fixing flats and group riding basics are provided here as part of membership benefits. It’s an excellent place to begin.


The E-Group is tailored towards cyclists with some cycling experience but less comfort on the road compared to A, B, C, D or F groups. Rides typically last 15-25 miles long and pace may differ according to participant riding abilities.

In the warmer months, this 350-member cycling group offers at least two to three rides each week of various distances and speeds, welcoming non-members on at least once monthly century rides.


The F-Group is the perfect opportunity for those seeking to enhance their cycling abilities while broaden their social circle. We offer various group riding options from high-intensity road racers to casual cyclists; including free beer and food stops along the way! Check our calendar regularly for events happening soon – you may meet like-minded individuals!


H-Group riders should feel at home riding with others and are experienced with faster social group rides. Furthermore, they have the fitness needed to ride continuously for several hours at a good working pace.

Professional bike riders possess the skill to manage their bikes effectively at all positions in the group and understand when to wait for slower riders. Furthermore, they know when and how to draft off riders ahead of them while using hand signals to communicate their position.


Group rides offer an excellent way to develop new skills, stay motivated, meet like-minded riders and meet potential new friends. Furthermore, group rides provide the opportunity to train for races or participate in advocacy initiatives while making great memories.

The I-Group offers training opportunities suitable for riders of all skill levels. This group often includes short and long distance road rides of varying pace.


The J-Group may be an exclusive club, but its wealthy members are always ready to share what’s good. Not just another typical group ride: this cycling club hosts an annual cycling competition as well as offering training opportunities for cyclists of all levels – speedy group rides to more focused classes in areas ranging from cyclocross and road bike racing, mountain biking and triathlon training!

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