California Road Club Membership Benefits

California Road Club membership provides more than just an excellent way to explore and appreciate the area – it also brings with it many additional advantages such as discounts at Ponte Restaurant and access to the Reserve Room.

Established in 1900, Automobile Club of Southern California was one of the pioneering car clubs in America, established with a mission of improving roadways and driving conditions throughout California.

Social Events

One of the greatest joys of club membership is meeting like-minded golfers. You are sure to find someone suitable regardless of their age or gender! Many clubs provide golf leagues and tournaments suitable for beginners as well as experienced golfers, while others provide social settings with full time activities directors to guide members toward reaching that elusive new level of status. No shortage of upscale golf clubs exist in Sacramento’s greater area; however, we’ve discovered that the best experience can often be had when making an investment in one’s fun. With a price range to fit every budget and an array of courses waiting to be explored this season, a trip to a course should top your bucket list this year.

Cycling Events

No matter your cycling goals – group rides or races – USA Cycling provides many options that will suit them. Many events under its wing have even won national recognition and sanction from this body.

If you’re new to cycling, the USA Cycling Local Associations can be invaluable resources for answering any of your questions and offering local knowledge. Plus they will point you towards clubs offering group rides as well as training assistance!

Are You Looking Into Racing? For those interested in racing, joining a club with USAC racing coaches could help hone your skills while offering training and strategy tailored specifically to each race.

Wine Tastings

The California Road Club is delighted to offer our members an exquisite selection of wines from top producers, in addition to offering complimentary valet parking, special perks and discounts, access to exclusive events, and much more. Joining CRCC will surely make for an unforgettable evening or weekend – we have something to fit every taste and budget – making for a memorable experience for both you and your party! Our winery boasts some of the area’s finest vintners while our staff strives to make it as smooth and effortless an experience as possible!

Discounts at Ponte Restaurant

Ponte Winery provides its California Road Club members with several benefits. Discounts are offered both at their restaurant, Bouquet Restaurant, and at the hotel Cellar Lounge; plus members-only events can be experienced first hand!

Ponte offers an elegant environment for diners, wine enthusiasts and couples looking to celebrate a special event amidst 300 acres of vineyards and lush gardens. Additionally, banquet facilities and other amenities for corporate and group events can also be provided at Ponte. Furthermore, its tasting room hosts an expansive marketplace featuring unique specialty foods from local artisans as souvenirs of your visit.

Access to the Reserve Room

As a California Road Club Member, you have full access to the Reserve Room. This Member-exclusive area on the second floor of Tisch Library features seating options ideal for taking breaks, studying or simply relaxing during the week.

Reserving a room through Reserve Tufts up to one week in advance or visiting the circulation desk directly can be done either online via Reserve Tufts, or directly. Please review the guidelines for room use prior to making a reservation; only currently enrolled Cal State LA students with valid One Card IDs may make reservations; one hour minimum study session duration; if not present within 10 minutes after your reservation time slot has started it is cancelled automatically.

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