California Road Club

Are you searching for a group to ride with on a regular basis? Consider joining the California Road Club – they host rides throughout the year that are fun, social and rewarding.

This club boasts an illustrious past dating back to its early days of competition in America. Visit their website to gain more insight!

Pacific Mountain Cruisers

California is home to several TLCA-endorsed clubs that make the state a cruiser-friendly destination, both locally and for visitors from across the nation. Home to over half a million residents with an expanding economy filled with plenty of tasty food, drinks, and great grub – you won’t be short of options when cruising here! Additionally, its climate as well as fauna provide optimal cruising conditions – you’re sure to cruise in style here.

Lake Tahoe Offroaders

Lake Tahoe Offroaders are an organization of off-road enthusiasts based in Lake Tahoe, California who focus on off-road trails within Tahoe National Forest and adjacent public lands.

They organize and run several off-road events and races in Lake Tahoe, offering free 4×4 clinics that teach drivers how to operate their vehicles while informing them about any environmental concerns that pertain to this sport.

If you’re new to off-roading, there are numerous performance rental shops where you can rent either a 4-seater Polaris RZR or 2-seater automatic ATV. Their team of trail experts can guide you to find the ideal trails in your area.

Conejo Valley Offroaders

Conejo Valley Offroaders are an enthusiastic group of 4WD enthusiasts that share an appreciation for nature. Their members take great pleasure in sharing their adventures with fellow members and the wider community alike, while being committed to increasing safety while enjoying nature. Their family-like atmosphere combines with four wheeling fun to form a tight bond among members that are always eager for new recruits! Join them today – new members welcome!

4WD enthusiasts know there’s no better way to experience nature than by taking to the trails in style and comfort. Southern California offers stunning mountain landscapes to explore along a vast network of stunning trails – it never gets old! In particular, Conejo Valley in Southern California features the only true motocross track in California as an excellent place for beginners learning off road driving skills and plenty of local groups that provide guidance so you can make the most of your outdoor experiences.

Northern California 4WD Club

Northern California boasts several clubs dedicated to offroading activities. Some focus on mud bogging or snow runs while others take members on scenic trails.

These clubs typically welcome any owner of a four-wheel drive vehicle, while some even host social and community activities.

The Madhatters 4×4 Club is a family-oriented organization dedicated to recreational off-road driving. Working closely with the State Forest Service to protect primitive roads and keep public lands accessible, this group also performs cleanups and junk car removals while encouraging new members to join. They financially support numerous causes related to keeping these lands accessible for everyone to enjoy.

California Rockcrawlers

Rock Crawling, an off-road motorsport with growing appeal, involves modified four-by-4s such as Jeeps equipped with large tires and sophisticated suspension systems to navigate steep inclines, rocks and drops on off-road courses.

Drivers competing in both stock and semipro classes must complete an obstacle-filled course marked with cones, punctuated by cone penalties for hitting cones or having to back up to overcome an obstacle. Any time one hits an obstacle they receive a point penalty.

Drivers then compete in a shootout course to determine who emerges victorious. It gives top drivers an opportunity to showcase their abilities and strategies.

Jesse Haines hopes that hosting the inaugural Silver State Rock Crawling Championships at Wild West Motorsports Park in Sparks this September will reignite interest in this sport that was reduced due to costs and difficulty during the recession.

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